FAA establishes spaceport office to support growing number of launch sites

    The FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation (AST) issued a launch site operators license, better known as a spaceport license, May 5 to the Titusville-Cocoa Airport Authority. The license allows the authority to conduct launches from Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville, Florida.


Space Coast lands in top 10 of prestigious Milken Index

    SPACE COAST, Fla. (March 02, 2020) – The Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) has landed number 10 on the Milken Institute’s Best Performing Cities 2020: Where America’s Jobs are Created and Sustained. This year’s ranking solidifies the Space Coast in the competitive rankings of cities such as Seattle, Austin, San Francisco and more.


United States Space Force Recruitment Video


The comeback coast

    The birthplace of America’s Space Age fell into decay once the shuttle retired. Now it’s bouncing back, fueled by private industry.


This New 4,000 Mile Trail Will Let People Bike From Coast to Coast on One Seamless Path

Florida's Space Coast Renaissance: The private space race is on

Florida's 2019 rocket launch schedule: astronauts, moon landers and mighty rockets

  • The Space Coast will be ground zero for those launches and other notable flights in 2019. Though the overall number of liftoffs will likely be lower than in 2018, when the Cape played host to 20 launches, the high-profile nature of 2019’s launch manifest is likely to bring crowds back to the region.
  • Private space, led by SpaceX and Boeing, will play prominent roles as the purveyors of the first crewed U.S. space flights to low-Earth orbit since the end of the Space Shuttle program in 2011. In between, satellite, lunar lander and International Space Station resupply missions from SpaceX and United Launch Alliance will round out the year.


Florida’s Space Coast Named “Turnaround of the Year” by SpaceNews

  • Space Coast, FL (December 3, 2018) – Florida’s Space Coast has been selected Turnaround of the Year for the 2018 Awards for Excellence & Innovation by SpaceNews. The Awards, which were established to honor individuals and organizations making a significant impact in the space industry, were announced Monday, December 3 at the Washington Space Business Roundtable in Washington, D.C.
  • Brevard’s economic turnaround remains one of the largest in the state. The Space Coast unemployment rate in November 2010 reached a high of 11.8%, today, it is only at 3%. Additionally, Brevard’s spaceport remains the most active orbital launch site in the world with 19 successful launches in 2017. The Space Coast could see as many as 48 launches per year by 2021, with projections of many more than that in the future.


Florida's once-struggling Space Coast booms from aerospace, defense firms

  • CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Nov. 21 (UPI) -- The economy of Florida's Space Coast is getting a boost from space and defense companies that are bringing back high-paying tech jobs to an area hit hard by the 2008 recession and the 2011 retirement of NASA's space shuttle program.
  • Hundreds of people came out to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral on Thursday to watch SpaceX launch a Es'hail-2 satellite rocket into space. The crowd consisted of tourists from around the United States and other countries sitting in metal bleachers surrounding a grassy area with dozens of field-tripping school kids in bright, neon-colored t-shirts waiting for the rocket to launch.

    The SpaceX launch went off without a hitch, and the crowd's attention focused on the giant trail of smoke in the Cape Canaveral sky. Moments later, after the rocket disappeared into the clouds, the crowd's attention turned to a large screen set-up next to the bleachers that showed a live camera feed from the rocket as it entered geostationary transfer orbit.

    "It's an opportunity for the kids to see the wonders of space and science and endless possibilities," said Natalie Griffin, a parent-chaperon for one of the elementary schools on field trip that day.


Preparing for Launch

  • With Launch Now, Red Canyon Software is revitalizing a historic downtown, attracting talent to the region and positioning Titusville to become the Silicon Valley of Space 2.0.

Some companies engage in fascinating and far-reaching endeavors. Such is the case with Red Canyon Software, Inc. an aerospace engineering and software company based in Denver, Co. The company, founded in 2000, develops cutting-edge technology and space flight software to help humankind explore space and other planets, as well as search for advanced renewable resources on Earth. It has been intricately involved with important missions ranging from searching for water on Mars, to analyzing the composition of distant comets and building the next human spacecraft.

Red Canyon clients include government agencies such as NASA, JPL, DOD, NOAA and NREL, as well as major contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Millennium Engineering & Integration, KBRwyle and a.i. solutions. With so many clients and engineers located in the Space Coast, the company has announced plans to open its first regional office in historic downtown Titusville. The plans encompass much more than that, however, as Red Canyon plans to create a unique, welcoming community for the next phase of aerospace research, commercial space flight and NASA’s mission to get humans to Mars.

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